After Gov. Jerry Brown officially stated on April that California’s drought is over, we all felt a little bit relieved. California has been in a severe drought since the end of 2011, and it was really disturbing. Many new rules and regulations have been created in order to conserve water as much as we can. Although the drought is officially over, it doesn’t mean that we should waste water unnecessarily, but to take these last 6 years as a warning, and keep saving water as much as we can. To help you do that, we gathered a few tips on how you can save water and money with a few changes applied to your bathroom.

  1. Water-efficient shower head
    With new technology, companies were able to make new water efficient shower heads that preserve the same water-pressure, so you won’t even feel a change in your shower experience, except for saving water and money on your monthly bills.

  2. Replace leaking taps
    You are probably familiar with the sound of water drops coming from your bathroom every time you get out of the shower. These drops can waste more than 5,500 liters of water a year. Replacing your taps and sealing them properly can save that much water a year.

  3. Turn your faucet off
    When you brush your teeth, wash your face or your hair, make sure that you leave the faucet off whenever you don’t actually use water. Think about it, whenever you brush your teeth, there are about 30 seconds of running water that you don’t actually use. That is about 3 hours of wasted running water a year, only from brushing your teeth.

  4. Save water when you flush
    It might surprise you, but flushing toilets is taking about 30% of all water used by a household. Replacing your toilet to a dual-flush toilet, or just adding a dual-flush insert device can cut flush water usage by 50%.