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Summer 2017 is at its peak, and we have decided that this is the perfect time to give you some tips on how to decorate your backyard according to the latest trends. Having a nice place to sit and chat in your own backyard can be a great attraction to the sunny days of California. So here are some of 2017 trends for your outdoor design:

1)Get into the beach vibe
One of the most ongoing trend for your outdoor decoration are coastal colors. Giving your backyard an ocean look with light blue and cream colors can really set a tone and make your backyard a nice, calm gateway to relax in.

2)Use what nature offers
After the recession, a new trend of using natural materials has started as a way to save money on design. However, the great looks of the natural materials caught many eyes on its way to become the new fashion.

3)Bring your living room outside
Another great trend we see in 2017 is to use indoor furniture to decorate your backyard. We personally think it’s a great idea and it looks amazing. You can have a nice outdoor rug with a coffee table and a sofa on it to create a beautiful place to hang out with your family and friends.

4)Use funny colors
Unlike your indoor design, outside you can play with colors more. Try to use non-traditional colors in your outdoor furnitures to bring some energy and good vibes to your sitting area.

5)Mosaic table
As part of the vintage style, many people started to decorate their outdoor sitting area with Mosaic tables. We think they look amazing and bring color and character to your sitting area.

6)Who needs a roof over a kitchen?
The old bbq area had transferred into a whole kitchen outside in 2017, and it looks great! Having an outdoor kitchen improves the bbq experience so much. Now you have a whole new area to enjoy for cooking and hanging around with friends.

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