Outdoor Trends 2017

Summer 2017 is at its peak, and we have decided that this is the perfect time to give you some tips on how to decorate your backyard according to the latest trends. Having a nice place to sit and chat in your own backyard can be a great attraction to the sunny days of California. So here are some of 2017 trends for your outdoor design:

1)Get into the beach vibe
One of the most ongoing trend for your outdoor decoration are coastal colors. Giving your backyard an ocean look with light blue and cream colors can really set a tone and make your backyard a nice, calm gateway to relax in.

2)Use what nature offers
After the recession, a new trend of using natural materials has started as a way to save money on design. However, the great looks of the natural materials caught many eyes on its way to become the new fashion.

3)Bring your living room outside
Another great trend we see in 2017 is to use indoor furniture to decorate your backyard. We personally think it’s a great idea and it looks amazing. You can have a nice outdoor rug with a coffee table and a sofa on it to create a beautiful place to hang out with your family and friends.

4)Use funny colors
Unlike your indoor design, outside you can play with colors more. Try to use non-traditional colors in your outdoor furnitures to bring some energy and good vibes to your sitting area.

5)Mosaic table
As part of the vintage style, many people started to decorate their outdoor sitting area with Mosaic tables. We think they look amazing and bring color and character to your sitting area.

6)Who needs a roof over a kitchen?
The old bbq area had transferred into a whole kitchen outside in 2017, and it looks great! Having an outdoor kitchen improves the bbq experience so much. Now you have a whole new area to enjoy for cooking and hanging around with friends.

Living Room Trends 2017

2017 Has arrived not too long ago, and with the new year come the new year’s resolutions. Many people see the new year coming as a great time to “change the view” and redesign portions of their house. However, with the new year the home design field is evolving as well, and showing several new trends for designing your house. We have gathered a few ideas for living room remodeling to help you with your new year’s resolution:


  1. Fresh Colors:
    The modern living room is designed with natural light and atypical decorations. Adding fresh colors to the modern living room design can really expand the visual space in the room, plus it can also affect the mental attitude of the people in the room. The idea is to bring some color and light to your living room with colorful elements of decor. A modern living room design, according to 2017 trends, will consist of dark walls, lighter colors furniture and bright and massive elements to fill up the space.

  2. Minimalism:
    Following the past few years, the minimalist style is increasingly growing across the home decor field. “Less is more” is not just a catchphrase anymore. The minimalist styled living room will create elegant vibe with pleasant home environment. This style looks similar to the Scandinavian style, although the minimalism style is more diligent and concise with its’ styling. A minimal living room will contain a sofa, a chair, closet and a few pictures, nothing else to decorate with.

  3. Bright Room:
    The most important thing you need to remember when designing your living room according to 2017 trends, is to use bright colors. 2017 brings a lot of design combinations, some are new and some are ongoing trends, but the usage of bright colors is almost absolute with any living room design.

Color Trends 2017

Your house walls can tell a lot about your house design. They can set a mood, decide how much light the room will get, and give a room different perspectives. Following our last blog post, we wanted to help you with choosing the right color for you and your house, so we’ve gathered a few of the latest color trends.


2017 is bringing a lot of new vibes to the home decor field, including some new ideas regarding color palettes for your walls. Mostly, the new trends will involve bright colors, that can bring more light to the room, and make it look wider and with more space. According to a few color companies, the leading colors for 2017 will be shades of blue, red, green, yellow and even some pink.


  • Dusky Blue
    This ocean-like color will bring your house a sophisticated elegant look. It goes great with high seilings

  • Sunshine Yellow
    If you’re looking to give your house a retro look, there’s nothing like yellow flooring to brighten up the room and make you feel happier.

  • Earthy Green with Beige
    The mix between these two color can create a wonderful color scheme for a room. These colors tend to give a warm, comfortable feeling. With these colors you will definitely feel at home.

  • Powder Blue
    This color will definitely give your house a summery vibe. The bright colors with large windows can absolutely generate a lot of natural light and it goes great with wood floor, especially dark wood.

Pastel Pink
Similar to the powder blue, this color goes great in a room with windows, since it’s bringing a lot of natural light to the room. Time to make your daughter’s room extra feminine with this relaxing pink.

*According to Behr and Sherwin-Williams