Home Improvement Projects To Reduce Monthly Expenses

Becoming a homeowner can be a really large expense. Besides paying for the house you just bought, you have to pay mortgage, bills and other recurring expenses. All of these expenses can really make you doubt the decision of buying a house since the leasing option looks significantly cheaper.  However, there are a few things that homeowners can do to reduce their monthly expenses. By having the right home improvement project done in your house you can actually increase the house value while paying less every month. Here are the things you can do to your house to make it worth more, and cost less:

First, Find Your Problems

In order to know better what are the best home improvement projects that you can do in your house, you need to know where are the major issues in your problem. You can do the testing by yourself, or call a professional, but the main idea is to test all your major systems in your home and find leaks, electronic and mechanical appliances efficiency or problems with the insulation.
After you find all the major issues in your home, you can decide on which problems you rather address first.

Energy Efficient Appliances

One of the best ways to reduce your bills is by moving to energy efficient products. When your refrigerator, laundry machine, AC system and water heating systems are all working efficiently, then you pay less for the same usage. These changes will affect your electric and water bills directly so you will feel the change immediately.

Clean Your AC System

Your AC system is usually your biggest expense on your electric bill. A massive use of your AC can really bump your electric bill substantially, so most households tend to turn on the AC only when there is no other option. But there’s a better way to tend this problem. By cleaning your filters and replacing them every two years, you can boost your AC efficiency by up to 15%. Another great solution is to get a portable AC system. Those tend to use less energy and give the same effect.

Windows and Doors

Windows and doors can be really tricky. Unless you bought a newly constructed house, you probably have old windows in your home. The problem with that is that they aren’t energy efficient, and getting new energy-efficient windows and doors can be really expensive. The other solution for this problem is to seal your windows by yourself. Air leaks from windows and doors change your house temperature and make your AC unit run harder. Sealing your windows and doors with silicon can be enough if you don’t want to spend on new windows.

Fix Your Roof

Roof projects tend to be underrated. They usually have higher rankings in Return On Investment, but still, people would rather change their kitchen than changing their roof. The problem with that is that changing your roof, or even just fixing it, will not only increase significantly your house value, but it will reduce your monthly bills since a fixed roof can really make your house more efficient.  

Living Room Trends 2017

2017 Has arrived not too long ago, and with the new year come the new year’s resolutions. Many people see the new year coming as a great time to “change the view” and redesign portions of their house. However, with the new year the home design field is evolving as well, and showing several new trends for designing your house. We have gathered a few ideas for living room remodeling to help you with your new year’s resolution:


  1. Fresh Colors:
    The modern living room is designed with natural light and atypical decorations. Adding fresh colors to the modern living room design can really expand the visual space in the room, plus it can also affect the mental attitude of the people in the room. The idea is to bring some color and light to your living room with colorful elements of decor. A modern living room design, according to 2017 trends, will consist of dark walls, lighter colors furniture and bright and massive elements to fill up the space.

  2. Minimalism:
    Following the past few years, the minimalist style is increasingly growing across the home decor field. “Less is more” is not just a catchphrase anymore. The minimalist styled living room will create elegant vibe with pleasant home environment. This style looks similar to the Scandinavian style, although the minimalism style is more diligent and concise with its’ styling. A minimal living room will contain a sofa, a chair, closet and a few pictures, nothing else to decorate with.

  3. Bright Room:
    The most important thing you need to remember when designing your living room according to 2017 trends, is to use bright colors. 2017 brings a lot of design combinations, some are new and some are ongoing trends, but the usage of bright colors is almost absolute with any living room design.

Color Trends 2017

Your house walls can tell a lot about your house design. They can set a mood, decide how much light the room will get, and give a room different perspectives. Following our last blog post, we wanted to help you with choosing the right color for you and your house, so we’ve gathered a few of the latest color trends.


2017 is bringing a lot of new vibes to the home decor field, including some new ideas regarding color palettes for your walls. Mostly, the new trends will involve bright colors, that can bring more light to the room, and make it look wider and with more space. According to a few color companies, the leading colors for 2017 will be shades of blue, red, green, yellow and even some pink.


  • Dusky Blue
    This ocean-like color will bring your house a sophisticated elegant look. It goes great with high seilings

  • Sunshine Yellow
    If you’re looking to give your house a retro look, there’s nothing like yellow flooring to brighten up the room and make you feel happier.

  • Earthy Green with Beige
    The mix between these two color can create a wonderful color scheme for a room. These colors tend to give a warm, comfortable feeling. With these colors you will definitely feel at home.

  • Powder Blue
    This color will definitely give your house a summery vibe. The bright colors with large windows can absolutely generate a lot of natural light and it goes great with wood floor, especially dark wood.

Pastel Pink
Similar to the powder blue, this color goes great in a room with windows, since it’s bringing a lot of natural light to the room. Time to make your daughter’s room extra feminine with this relaxing pink.

*According to Behr and Sherwin-Williams  

How To Plan The Perfect Pool Party

Summer is almost here! It’s time to stretch your legs, fold the thick and warm blankets, lift up the shades, take off the pool covers, and enjoy the beautiful California sun. What’s a better way to greet the summer than to have a perfect pool party in your backyard? Enjoying a sunny day in the pool with some friends is always a great plan for the hot, non-humid days of the summer.

This time, we decided to make the perfect pool party guide to help you have fun with friends in your pool, and maybe show off your hospitality. So here are some tips and guidelines for the perfect house pool party:


  1. Decorate Your Backyard:  Make your guests feel festive and enter party mode with nice decorations across your backyard. Tie up balloons on a thin string and hang it on your fences, trees (if you have trees in your backyard), patio. Get a few paper lanterns and hang them. To make the decoration part easier, you can choose a nice theme for your party and decorate your backyard according to the theme.
  2. Colorful design: Whether your party has a theme or not, picking color palette for your decorations can really make a difference. You can choose one color or a few, just make sure you are using mostly if not only the colors you picked. Bright colors like red, yellow, blue and green are highly recommended.
  3. Go Crazy With Your Drinks: Drinks can really boost up your party. Rather than having a few bottles of alcoholic drinks and some beverages next to it, you can make a few cocktails before the guests arrive and serve them in a special way like an unusual glass, umbrellas, crazy straws or anything that is connected to your party theme. A good example would be to make a big pitcher of mojito / margarita and pour it into small jars with salt line and a little umbrella.  

Pool Toys: Regardless your age, pool toys are always fun. Get a few pool inflatables and let them do the rest. Your guests will have a blast and the best part is that you can use them way after the party is over.