Living Room Trends 2017

2017 Has arrived not too long ago, and with the new year come the new year’s resolutions. Many people see the new year coming as a great time to “change the view” and redesign portions of their house. However, with the new year the home design field is evolving as well, and showing several new trends for designing your house. We have gathered a few ideas for living room remodeling to help you with your new year’s resolution:


  1. Fresh Colors:
    The modern living room is designed with natural light and atypical decorations. Adding fresh colors to the modern living room design can really expand the visual space in the room, plus it can also affect the mental attitude of the people in the room. The idea is to bring some color and light to your living room with colorful elements of decor. A modern living room design, according to 2017 trends, will consist of dark walls, lighter colors furniture and bright and massive elements to fill up the space.

  2. Minimalism:
    Following the past few years, the minimalist style is increasingly growing across the home decor field. “Less is more” is not just a catchphrase anymore. The minimalist styled living room will create elegant vibe with pleasant home environment. This style looks similar to the Scandinavian style, although the minimalism style is more diligent and concise with its’ styling. A minimal living room will contain a sofa, a chair, closet and a few pictures, nothing else to decorate with.

  3. Bright Room:
    The most important thing you need to remember when designing your living room according to 2017 trends, is to use bright colors. 2017 brings a lot of design combinations, some are new and some are ongoing trends, but the usage of bright colors is almost absolute with any living room design.
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